Bunions take the fun out of life

by Julie

I too suffer with bunions and hammer toes to complicate the situation. It's a known fact that it runs in my family. I can't even think of wearing anything fashionable when it comes to cute shoes.

I finally after many times of searching for a cute pair of long boots for the winter found some through naturalizer that have the most comfortable rubber sole. They are super soft in the leather. I was thrilled.

I have to wear boring shoes to work, mainly sturdy soled shoes with a Mary Jane type strap so the heels don't slip. You can forget about flats, cute sandals, or god forbid 4" heels. That is definitely out of the question. I can't remember the last time I wore heels. I'm actually on the hunt for a nice pair of low, comfortable heels that don't look like grandma heels. Yeah I know good luck with that, right.

I have two pairs of sandals for the summer, three pairs of work shoes in black, brown, and navy. One pair of New Balance tennis shoes and that's the extent of comfortable shoes at the moment. I don't even mess with crocs.

I see these women who wear heels all day long and I just don't see how that can be good for your feet. Why put them through that misery. Even my most comfortable shoes after wearing them all day can irritate my feet. My prefered shoe is my house shoes. Even those can be too flat.

I guess the hunt is still on for those of us who have bunion and hammer two feet. I don't like wearing anything too open to shoe my toes. I think they are horrible. So, my shoes mostly cover my foot. Anything you find that works for comfort and style let me know.

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