Bunions ever since date of birth

by Scruggs

I have bunions on both of my feet. They have been there since birth. I don't remember much as I was growing up with them, but my mother always told me that I wore braces on my legs for a long time. The doctors never thought I would walk. My mother told me that I was breach birth and she had to be turned by her doctor each week toward the end of her pregnancy. She said my feet stayed cramped up in her.

But anyway, today, I still have bunions. I hate them. They are so ugly. Everytime I start to go inside of a pool, somebody always asked "Oh Susan, What is wrong with your feet?" That is so embarassing. I am thinking seriously now at 55 that I may have the feet operated on.

Am I to late? I can't imagine what it would be like to have feet like everybody else. And for my feet not to hurt. My mom always told me to stay as little as I could, being my feet weren't a lot of support to hold my body up.

I hope somebody gets this note and either agrees with me or writes something else.


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