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Apr 07, 2013
bunions all my life too
by: Anonymous

I had bunion all my life. I was born with them and I wore the braces on my foot too. I have the same experience of being laughed at all my life. Every time I go to the beach or wear sandals. But I just learned to find sandals that cover or minimize the look of my bunion. I also will never get surgery even though the doctors tell me I should. I am not in pain (well when I don't wear high heels) and I learned to just wear my bunions proud.

Sep 19, 2011
Kindred Spirit
by: Shannon

I also have had bunions on both feet since birth. Never had braces on my legs nor was I a breech birth, but my ankles have always popped when I walk. Like you, I am afraid to wear sandles or go barefoot because of the strange shape of my feet. I always thought my feet were naturally shaped funny til I saw a picture of bunion foot. How could we have been born with bunion feet? I hope one day we will both know the answer.

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