Bunions as an expression of energy

by Alexos

Bunions either derive from footwear (too short) or a genetic predisposition based on arch bones and pronation where the ankle flexes as you walk. Orthotics take the pressure off the bone that grown the bunion and it will eventually reduce if you wear them. EFT at best would try to suppress the healing response. Faster relief from cushion below and longer shoes engages body biomechnics into the cure.

EFT and EMDR both work but on different parts of your emotional center. Trauma is repressed excessive negative emotion that is relieved by EMDR where nervous eating or smoking by ignoring natural hunger cues can be stopped with EFT. Nothing replaces accupuncture with electricity.

They are all good in different ways. Change your shoes.

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Jun 01, 2016
Effects of trauma on the body
by: Annie Girard

Emotional affects can cause subtle muscular tensions that will in the long run cause misalignments of the body structure and the skeletal system that can lead to such things as lowered arches and bunions.

Proper EFT can remediate those underlying causes, I'd trust the versions established as the standards by the creator of the technique, Gary Craig, as offered for free on his website:

There is another very valid, powerful and efficient technique, called the Body Code, of which the Emotion Code frees emotional trauma, as the emotion energy trapped in our bodies following trauma. This is the most efficient and fast healing method I have experienced. All illnesses have a trapped emotion underlying component.

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