Bunions and autogenic training

by Ines
(Zagreb, Croatia)

I would like to share with you my experience which has something to do with bunions.

I am 31 and have bunions as far back as I can remember. They are not too big and do not cause any special problems, so I almost forgot I had them.

Then, a year ago, I began doing autogenic training. Om my health wish list I had curing short sightedness, diarrhea, Hashimoto disease etc. Bunions I totally forgot.

And then, a few months after I started, I began noticing that often, while I was doing something else (washing dishes etc.), my feet muscles on the internal middle side began to "spontaneously" rise! I did not realize until then that the way I was using them previously was probably wrong, and contributing to a less stable posture!

So my bunions are still there, but I believe there is some link between these muscles and bunions (if I was "hanging" on my feet instead of firmly standing on them, bunions might have had the function of providing me compensatory support).

Also, I began to wonder what is this telling about underlying psychological factors...

Shortly, I happily continue to do autogenic trainings and expect interesting results in the future!

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