Bunion Treatment

Which bunion treatments should I choose?

There's more than just one way to treat bunions of course. For this experiment alone I already selected about nine bunion treatments! And no doubt there are still a lot more. But which treatment does what?

Bunion treatments (and by that I mean every non surgical bunion treatment) can be divided into five main categories:

  1. treatments that try to reduce bunion pain and swelling
  2. treatments that try to correct a wrong foot structure
  3. treatments that try to keep your feet flexible and your joints mobile
  4. treatments that try to reduce the size of your bunions
  5. treatments that prevent your bunions from getting worse

Reducing pain and swelling

As my bunions usually aren't painful nor swollen, I didn't include this kind of treatment in my experiment at first. After a while though, I decided to use an anti-inflammatory herb, because my bunions are a bit red sometimes. And I tried marigold, also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Finally, you could try applying ice packs on your joints, soaking your feet in warm water, or taking mild pain killers if you do suffer from painful and swollen bunions. These are just a few examples of treatments meant to ease bunion pain.

Correcting wrong foot structures

The insoles I'm wearing each day are meant to correct a wrong foot structure. Like many people who suffer from bunions, I've a faulty foot structure. This means that I probably have developed a wrong way of walking, putting way too much pressure on parts of my foot that are not designed to take this kind of pressure. Insoles are meant to correct this.

Keeping your feet flexible

Bunions can make your big toe joints stiff. To keep them flexible I make sure I exercise daily for 10 to 20 minutes. It's also the reason why I used bunion splints and yoga toes a lot. (I stopped doing this after a while, because I learned exercises are a better way to try to keep your feet in a correct position.) For more information about the mechanics of your feet and suggestions about how to improve their strength and flexibility, I also recommend you read this excellent Yoga Journal article.

Reducing bunion size

Reducing the size of my bunions is what I'm really after of course! But to select the proper bunion treatment, you first should know what the nature of your bunions is. Are your bunions formed by the bones of your big toe joints sticking out, by swollen and inflamed tissues and joints or by new bone that has been formed? Your answer to this question will determine how you should go about trying to reduce the size of your bunions.

I myself have tried to correct my bunion deformity in various ways:

Preventing your bunions from getting worse

I believe this is something we always have to do, whatever the size of our bunions. This bunion treatment mainly consists of making sure we're wearing the right footwear: shoes that fit well, have heels that are not too high, and a toe box that's wide enough (so forget about pointed shoes!).

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