Bunion Treatment Results

What are the results of this bunion experiment?

I suppose that's the question most visitors of this website will be most interested in. Is my bunion treatment producing any satisfactory results?

I started this experiment in July 2007 and at the time of writing, it's Dec 2014. So almost seven years have passed. Did my feet change for the better? Well, there's definitely some improvement, though I cannot say it's a dramatic one.

The best way to see for yourself, is by comparing the bunion pictures I've taken during the course of this experiment. I've put them close to each other, so you should be able to see what the variety of bunion treatments I tried did for my feet.

I myself indeed think my feet do look and feel somewhat better. And I believe the biggest change has been brought about by the marigold treatment and the microcurrent treatment. The marigold treatment was good to treat the inflammation of my big toe joints – the redness had totally disappeared. It did come back however; I should have followed up with more anti-inflammatory measures, like regularly applying Sint John's worth to my bunions (See this page about bunion pain relief.) And I also found that zheng gu shui helps to reduce the redness and inflammation.

The microcurrent treatment brought the best results, although it's too early to tell if the results will last. It also depends on myself: I have to continue doing the recommended exercise. The results of this treatment were not dramatic, but of everything I've tried, I think this was the best. However, it was also the most expensive treatment!

The acupuncture treatment I started in October 2007 turned out to be beneficial to my feet as well. I've had about twelve treatments, and the major difference I've experienced, is that the numbness of the area around my bunions disappeared for a big part. This area had been numb for ages, so something definitely happened there! The numbness did come back after some time however.

Another thing that has changed for the better since I started this bunion treatment combination, is that I've considerably less pain when walking long distances. I think this is partly thanks to the posture control insoles I've put in my shoes. I almost don't suffer from pain under the ball of my second toe anymore. This was the pain that kept me most from walking long distances.

What further made a difference, is that I don't wear bunion braces anymore in my shoes. I used to wear them to keep my toes in a straighter position. Although they indeed helped me to achieve this, I decided not to wear them anymore, simply because they take up too much space in my shoes. Now that I'm walking without them, my bunions are less irritated at the end of the day.

Finally, I found that the mobility of my big toes has improved a bit. I can move my toes somewhat more sideways now. The reason – I think – are my daily foot exercises.

My conclusion after seven years? I cannot say I've been able to cure my bunions; they're still there, though somewhat smaller in size, Also, I now know how to treat the inflammation, and by using the right insoles, I find I can painlessly walk long distances again.