Bunion Symptoms

Do these bunion symptoms sound familiar to you?

You probably don't need to look at a list of bunion symptoms to be sure that you do have bunions indeed. So what's the use of publishing a list like this?

If you're still in the early stages of bunion development, this list makes you realize what lies ahead, and may motivate you to start doing something about your bunions now. Because, almost always, bunions are progressive and get larger and more painful with time.

Here is the order in which I developed bunion symptoms:

  1. Calluses are appearing under the ball and along the sides of my big toes
  2. My big toes are beginning to lean towards my second toes
  3. The area around my big toe joints is turning red
  4. A bony lump is developing at the base of my big toes and continues to grow
  5. The side of my big toes is beginning to feel numb
  6. My big toes are twisting a bit outwards (the nails are turning in the direction of the other foot)
  7. My shoes no longer fit properly and it's becoming a bit of a problem to find nice shoes that are still comfortable
  8. I'm starting to feel embarassed if I have to go barefeet for one reason or the other
  9. I notice a little bit of an ingrown toe nail on one of my big toes
  10. Corns appear under the ball of my second toes
  11. The balls of my feet (especially my right) are starting to feel bony and sometimes I use a metatarsal pad for comfort

All of the above symptoms (except the ingrown toe nail) occur on both feet, with my right foot being worse than my left.

Though the above list may read as a long list of complaints, I realize that it could still be a lot worse. For there are people that also develop one or more of the following bunion symptoms:

So it's never too early to start doing something about your bunions!