Why I don't want bunion surgery

One thing is for sure: though I'm prepared to do almost anything to get rid of my bunions, I don't want bunion surgery!

Why is that, you ask? Well, one of the reasons is that I really hate hospitals, and the thought of having to undergo surgery terrifies me. I've never been hospitalized and I hope I never will be...

Secondly, I've been told that having your bunions surgically removed is quite a painful experience. I don't know if this is truth or fiction, but it's enough to put me off. The more because in my case surgery isn't strictly necessary. My bunions aren't extremely painful, it's just that my feet don't look nice and I have trouble finding pretty shoes that fit.

Another reason for my aversion is that recovery from a bunion operation can take a while. To begin with, you're not allowed to bear weight on your feet for two to eight weeks. After that, your feet may be swollen and stiff for months (and possibly much longer than that!). It can take up to three to four months (and sometimes even longer) before you can wear fashionable shoes again.

Especially for someone like me, who is self employed, this lengthy recovery time is a major drawback. No work – no money! I could work from home a bit, but definitely not full time. And as I have bunions on both feet, I'd have to go through the whole proces twice. For it is advised to not have the bunions on your feet surgically removed at the same time.

And then there's the costs to consider. Do you know what the cost for this kind of procedure is? I did some research and found out that it comes to about US$ 4,000, for both feet. Maybe your insurance company will cover these expenses (partly), but it still is a lot of money.

And finally, bunion surgery isn't always a success. Some people are happy with the results; while others regret that they've ever done it. In this review, of all the people who had surgery, 25% to 33% were disappointed in the result, even if there was an improvement in pain and in the degree of their foot deformity.

So in short that's what made me decide: no bunion surgery for me!


  1. Update December 2014: The Microcurrent Treatment for Bunions and Hallux Valgus is now available in London, as Milly Ng, who invented this therapy, has moved to London in the Autumn of 2014. (Read more about the microcurrent treatment as practiced by Milly Ng)
  2. Update May 2014: The same treatment as offered by the Central Physiotherapy Clinic in Hong Kong is now also available in the US, by Dr. Robert Levingston, based in Denver, Colorado. (Read more about his 12-Point Non-Surgical Bunion Program.)
  3. Update April 2012: Another completely non-invasive technique to treat hallux valgus and bunions is the microcurrent treatment by the Central Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic in Hong Kong.
  4. Update April 2011: My podologist also told me about a minimal invasive technique to remove your bunions. It only requires local anesthetics and the rehabilitation time is short. You can find more information about this technique on the website of the Clínica San Román (Alicante – Spain).
  5. Update April 2011: I received an email from a visitor to my site telling me about this two minute bunion surgery procedure. It looks interesting I think; especially the fact that it doesn't take a year to recover from the operation.
  6. One of my website visitors recently draw my attention to BunionTox, a new non surgical therapy done with botox. It's a procedure for people who have mild bunions, with no no downtime and no surgery: you can resume your normal daily activities post procedure!
  7. If you still consider an operation, this is an interesting read: a personal blog of someone who had one bunion removed.

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