Bunion Surgery: Had It Done

I had bunion surgery, I had it because it got to the point were walking with no shoes at all was even a killer for my one foot. I have bunions on both feet but only got surgery on one. That was 6 years ago. I can now walk in shoes and run again :) with out any pain. But I do have a hard time with heels, heels hurt my bunion still.

The recovery is not so bad if you do it right. My advice if you do it make sure you do foot therapy after!! As far as a scar goes, yes I do still have a light scar on my foot. I know not being able to walk in heels might be hell for some girls but for me being able to just walk again with no pain was a bonus. If you want this done please make surgery last on your list there is other ways for minor bunions.

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