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Can a bunion splint make your bunions disappear?

No, personally I don't think so. But nevertheless, there have been times when not a day went by without me wearing some kind of bunion splint. Let me explain which ones I used the most.

Before I started this experiment, I was already wearing bunion splints on a regular basis. I suppose toe spreaders and splints are the first things people turn to when they start to develop bunions on their feet. And I am no exception.

Bunion night splint

At first I only put bunion splints on at night, to relax my feet and toes. Me and my husband are avid walkers, and it just felt nice to wear them after a day of walking.

I started out with bunion regulators, the ones with a plastic brace and a strap around your feet to secure it. Soon I was wearing them every night, but after a while started looking for an alternative. Because sometimes I had to take them off in the middle of the night as they hurt me, or just irritated me.

Rolyan bunion splint So after a while I changed to a Rolyan bunion splint, which is made of a stretchy fabric that looks like suede (and maybe it is). This soft bunion splint also has a rigid part of course, but this can be heated and molded to fit the shape of your bunion (though I didn't do this – I just used it as provided). I used these splints for a long time.

Bunion day splint

As for the type of bunion day splint I used to wear – that's a similar story. I started out with regular ones – an elastic band with straps to straighten your toes. I hated them from the very first minute. They kept twisting Wheaton bunion brace in my shoes and didn't do what they were supposed to do: keep my big toes in a straight position. Almost immediately after I bought them, I replaced them with a Wheaton bunion brace.

Those Wheaton bunion braces felt a lot better. I put them on every day and they were comfortable all day long. But in spite of that, I decided to stop wearing them when I started this experiment. Why? I want to give my bunions as much space as possible. And those braces did take up precious space in my shoes. Space I don't have.

Toe spreaders

So at the moment, I don't wear any kind of bunion day splint any more. I have used toe spacers for a short while, to prevent my big toes from turning inwards during the day. But I just didn't like them.

Yoga toes

yoga toes

What I did use a lot however, for years in a row since I started this experiment, are Yoga toes. True, you cannot wear them in your shoes, and you cannot sleep with them either (at least I cannot). But I did use them a lot, as some sort of passive exercise.

Yoga toes definitely stretch your toes and I hoped by wearing them now and then I could keep my feet flexible. Besides, it felt nice to have your toes stretched for half an our or so.

However, as I learned from the physiotherapist who gave me the microcurrent treatment, it's best to not use any splints at all if you suffer from bunions and/or hallux valgus. Instead, it's better to exercise your muscles to keep your toes aligned.

For a wide range of bunion splints, see the Amazon website.

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