Bunion Pictures

Is there any progress? Have a look at these bunion pictures!

bunion pictures - July 2007 July 07

This is how my feet looked like when I started the experiment. You can see that my bunions are somewhat red. So possibly the bursa is inflamed a bit. Also, my big toes are bending toward my second toes. This condition is called hallux valgus and I don't think the treatments I'm trying will bring about a change in their position.
bunion pictures - September 07 September 2007

This is after two months of treatments. What did I do in those two months? I took a daily foot bath with Epsom salts, I exercised my feet each day, I watched my diet (added ginger and reduced my sugar intake), and I used the lion warmer to treat the acupuncture points involved. Also, I started wearing posture control insoles and comfortobale, wide shoes as much as possible. It looks like my bunions are loosing their redness.
bunion pictures - November 07 November 2007

My bunions continue to be less red than they were when I started out. In the weeks before this picture was taken, I started an acupuncture treatment, and used the acupuncher on a daily basis. And of course I continued the combination of treatments I had started earlier.
bunion pictures - January 08 January 2008

This is how my feet look like now. I think this picture definitely shows my bunions got somewhat smaller. In my opinion this is mainly due to the marigold treatment I started in November 2007. Stage I of the treatment was finished in December, and this stage brought about the biggest change so far.

When you look at the bunion pictures above, you can clearly see that there's an improvement in the condition of my feet – though it's not spectacular. Anyway, it's enough to keep me going...