Famous People With Bunion Feet

Who else has a bunion on the foot?

Victoria's bunion feet

This picture was widely published on the internet in July 2007. The feet are very famous ones: they belong to Victoria Beckham, and the picture clearly shows that she has a serious bunion problem! I'm not really surprised she has bunions, given the high heels she seems to fancy.

But Victoria for sure isn't the only celebrity with bunion feet – Oprah for example is suffering from them too! At least, that's what it looks like on this picture. Although I don't know if hers can be attributed to wearing the wrong kind of shoes too (the picture shows her wearing flip flops).

Next in line: Sarah Jessica Parker. Someone who definitely loves wearing high heels! But it doesn't matter if you're famous or not – if you're wearing high heels too much this almost guarantees the development of a bunion on the foot (or – more likely – on both feet). Rumour has it Sarah even had to have her feet digitally enhanced while filming 'Failure to Launch'.

And I'm sure the list doesn't end here – I cannot imagine Victoria, Oprah, and Sarah Jessica Parker being the only celebrities suffering from bunion feet. For example, I've read blog postings stating that Cameron Diaz, and Hilary Duff had bunion feet too (though I didn't see any pictures as revealing as the ones of Victoria and Oprah).

Take home lesson? The main reason – I think – why these celebrities developed a bunion on the foot, is because they're wearing high heels and narrow shoes way too often. There's nothing wrong with wearing those shoes every now and then – provided you have healthy feet. But if you don't (like me), you'd better stay away from them and opt for wide, comfortable shoes to prevent your bunions from getting worse.