Bunion cures

by Paula


my bunions started when I was about 25. Of course from wearing the wrong shoes like the most of us. I still wore them and some years later my lesser toes started to curl up and began to form hammertoes. This was the point when closed shoes start to make me problems because my toes didnt have enough space in the shoes. The result were corns. I switched to lower shoes and even changed my job. Over the time my toes deformed more and more. And I tried many conservative things. An operation was never an option for me, because of my job, and I heard from many people that they cant recommend this op. But that was over 15 ago. Today Im 57 and I regret that i didnt had this operation. I developed an arthrosis in my toe joints which makes an operation not recommendable. My toes are very deformed now. My big toes
are underlapping my third lesser which are formed to hammertoes, and this is really ugly. Now I cant only wear slippers or sandals. And for me its very embarassing to walk with this feet in sandals.

I think there are many cures, but the only effective option is an operation.
In my case you can see what can happen if you wait too long. You have to walk all your live on your feet, so take care of them.

Greetings Paula

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