Bunion Care Products

An overview of the bunion care products I use for this experiment

These are the bunion care products I use(d) for my experiment:

posture control insoles Posture control insoles
I've worn those insoles every day from dusk to dawn to stimulate my feet to make the right movement when walking. After a couple of years though, I went back to wearing custom made insoles, as the posture control insoles didn't feel as comfortable as in the beginning.
Rolyan bunion splint
Rolyan bunion splint and Foot alignment socks
The Rolyan bunion splints are the bunion splints I've worn at night, to relax my big toes and keep them in a straight position. I've also used foot alignment socks to this end – they were even more comfortable, because they were less rigid. After I had had my microcurrent bunion treatment however, I stopped wearing both splints and socks, as I was told that they did more wrong than good: instead of spreading my toes, I had to try to keep them together, and only attempt to bring my big toe outward.
Wheaton bunion brace
Wheaton bunion brace
I used to wear those Wheaton bunion bracesin my shoes, to straighten my big toes during the day. Though they felt quite comfortable, I don't use them anymore, for the same reason as why I stopped wearing the night splints and socks.
yoga toes Yoga toes
I thought for a long time that wearing those Yogatoes made for a great passive exercise for your feet. I wore them whenever I got the chance. Though it felt good, I don't use them anymore, since I learned it is better to keep your toes together instead of spreading them.
zheng gu shui
Zheng gu shui
I apply zheng gu shui once or twice a day to the acupuncture points adjoining my bunions – and to the bunions themselves. Zheng gu shui is said to be able to break up calcium deposits and arthritic bone deformities. It also seems to lessen the redness of my bunions.
tiger warmer Tiger warmer
The Tiger warmer is used to warm the two acupuncture points closest to your bunions. It has the same (and maybe even stronger) effect as zheng gu shui.