Biggest regret of my life

by Phyllis

At age 63 I had a lot of problems with a large bunion on my left foot. My big toe crossed under the second toe which had become a hammer toe. I have very long, narrow feet and could not find shoes that fit properly.

I met with one podiatrist who said I should leave it alone before I met with another one who said a bunionectomy would be a "piece of cake". Well, that was nearly six years ago and I have had multiple surgeries since to try and correct the first disaster.

I changed from podiatrist to an orthepedic surgeon to do the last surgery which was supposed to be the cure all, however, I developed MRSA (staph infection) which was contracted at the surgery center. The foot was opened to debreed the infection but after 28 days of IV infusion the infection remained and I needed another surgery to remove the big toe joint. Then I needed another 28 days of IV infusion to finally cure the infection.

Now I have a very short big toe, pain from scar tissue, burning, tingling, a misshapen foot, and inability to walk any distance. I am nearly seventy now and wish I done more exploration about possible outcomes of bunion removal before I agreed to the surgery. My retirement will not include walking for exercise or sightseeing.

"Miffed in Michigan"

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