Balance board exercising

My podiatrist recommended exercising on a balance board to strenghten the muscles in my feet

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Nov 06, 2009
Thats a new one.
by: Lawrence

This is the first time I've heard of a Balancing Board, helping a bunion. I sincerely hope it works for you.
All the doctors have different treatments for our problem. Only six (6) things helped me:

1. My orthotic inserts (Extremely Important).
2. Buying shoes that are wider and a size larger.
3. Wearing soft sole shoes more: Sneakers.
4. I have officially stoped buying cheap/discount /on sale shoes.
5. If my bunion is hurting letting it rest and get better. I try not to run/jog on it whenever there is even slight discomfort.
6. Swimming for some reason helped my bunion tremendously.

My first episode of arthritic bunion pain, was enough to make me know that it was time to go in another direction. I now seem to have at least checked the growth of my bunion.

A friend of mine that is in her late 80's confirmed my opinion that if you live long enouh you will experience many things. One of which is your body changing and you learning how to accept, work with and around those changes.

I can't do many things as well as I could ten or five years ago. The great thing is I can still do most of the things I enjoy and that I have many years of activity ahead of me.

You will get better.
Stay positive because it is key in your recovery.

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