Acupuncture for Bunions

I'm on my 8th week of receiving acupuncture for my bunion on my right foot. I'm happy to say I no longer have any pain after a day of standing on my feet at work.

I've worn "dansco professionals" for shoes for the past 10 years, so I guess my bunion is hereditary since Danscos have wide foot beds. Even so, I started having horrible pain in my foot by the end of the day.

At 35 dollars a visit, my acupuncturist is relatively inexpensive and I am 100% satisified with my results. I still get throbbing when I wear high heals, but I find my foot recovers much quicker. I started out at 2 x a week visits and at 6 weeks I moved to once a week. I have gone 2 weeks without a treatment (snow closure) and had no returning pain.

I look forward to getting where I only have to go once a month. Worth a try if you are suffering!

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Feb 03, 2012
No hope for pain relief.
by: Trish

I visited a podiatrist yesterday to be told other than surgery I will not have a pain free foot again. Surgery is not an option as this may create even more problems.......... The podiatrist made me orthotics. Even though I have only worn them a short while I could feel the difference immediately. Here's to improving the posture of the feet in the hope of elevating some of the pain.

My reply:
I think you always should try things out yourself. How can he/she know that acupuncture won't help to ease your pain? The only one who can tell if something does or doesn't work for you is yourself!

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