Acupuncture Bunion Treatment

Why try an acupuncture bunion treatment?

As I said earlier, I'm ready to try almost every bunion treatment, as long as it's a non-surgical one. And that includes acupuncture.

Though I started this experiment with just a home treatment of two acupuncture points, of course I was fully aware that a real acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of needles by an acupuncturist.

So a few weeks after I started my home bunion treatment, I contacted my acupuncturist to make an appointment. Unfortunately, as she was very busy, I had to wait another month before I had my first treatment. In the meantime I continued the way I did: applying zeng gu shui on a daily basis and using the tiger warmer twice a week.

One of the reasons I believe acupuncture can solve bunion problems (at least partly), is because of the following information I found on the internet. It's an abstract of an article published in the American Journal of Acupuncture and it reads as follows:

Sternfeld M, Finkelstein Y, Eliraz A, Barzilai N, Hod I. Symptomatic improvement and anatomical regression of arthritic hallux valgus deformity (bunion) treated by acupuncture. Am J Acupuncture. 1992;20:9-12.

Seven female patients presented with severe pain and walking difficulty due to bilateral hallux valgus; 6 had inflamed and infected skin. The condition was present for 3 to 16 years and all were scheduled for surgery. SP 4 and 5 were needled with 3 painful points above, lateral and medial to the bunion where insertion went into periosteum of the bunion. This is painful, so needles were not manipulated but left in for 30 minutes. Seven to 16 weekly sessions were used. After a few sessions, result was excellent to moderate in 4 patients. Three years following treatment, results were excellent to good in 5, and moderate in 2 patients. Surgery was cancelled for all.

Especially the last sentence ('Surgery was cancelled for all') does sound very promising to me. As does the fact that some of the people that were treated had bunions for as long as 16 years! Luckily my own condition isn't as worse as those of the patients presented – the abstract mentioning that they suffered from severe pain and walking difficulty.

What I further understand from this short abstract, is that I need to have patience. I don't know if I understand the abstract well regarding this point, but it seems as though some of the patients even had to wait a couple of years to see results!

After reading this piece of information I was afraid that having needles inserted in your bunions might turn out to be a painful experience, but it was ok really. Bunion surgery will be more painful, that's for sure!

True, the research quoted here dates from 1992, so that's more than 15 years ago by now! But why shouldn't acupuncturists be able to achieve the same results today? As for me, I'll do my part by providing my acupuncturist with any information I think is useful for my bunion treatment, and this short abstract certainly is!

For comments about my acupuncture bunion treatment see the Bunion Blog.

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