Acupuncture and Hallux Valgus

by John L. Stump, DC, PhD, EdD
(Fairhope, AL, USA)

I'm presently conducting an investigation on Acupuncture and Hallux Valgus and have gotten very good results to date. Will publish the results in Medical Acupuncture this year (2010).

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May 15, 2011
Acupuncture and Hallux Valgus
by: Diane Morin

Dear Dr. Stump,

I would like to know if your investigation has ended and if the results have been published in Medical Acupuncture last year (2010).

I wish I can help a lady who is 54 and suffers from an Hallux Valgus. A few years ago, she had a breast cancer and now, unfortunately, metastasis have appeared in her back (spinal), hips and "bassin" in french.

She created a blog and I communicate with her on a regular basis.

I thank you for your help,

Quebec City, eastern Canada

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