Accidental fix for bunions

by Colleen

I have suffered from bunions on both feet for as long as I can remember - possibly as far back as childhood. Both feet are deformed from them and my second from the end toes both curl under their neighbour.

A few years ago I accidentally hit my big toe on a 2x4 and the nail ripped almost all the way off. I taped up the toe with tons of rolled gauze to hold the nail in place while it grew its way out, which meant basically keeping it wrapped in bulky gauze for a good 2 months straight.

When I was finally able to take it off, I noticed my right big toe had almost completely straightened out and the bunion was little more than a mere bump. Up until then I hadn't heard of any kind of bunion relief besides those sticky pads and surgery. I have just found and bought a bunion splint for the other foot and even though it aches a bit, i can still feel the relief along the tendon that was seized. I just wish I could find one for inside my shoe also.

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