A stretch that really helped my pain, and even toe alignment

by JFS

To be clear, I don't have bulging bunions. Just toes that were getting angled, with bad pain and some redness at the classic bunion spot (with or without shoes). A bunion spacer of the "gel loop" sort was mostly enough to keep the shape from getting worse, and stave off the pain. However, I got considerable relief doing a stretch for a thigh problem (that also helps with general posture). It analyses why other IT band stretches don't work, and why this one does.

The most dramatic improvements I had were stance (not "lordosing" my backside) and a cure for side-of-knee pain and odd pricking sensations on the top, outside of my foot. Those improved within a few days. But after a few weeks of doing the stretch, and being mindful of how I walk (tush a bit more tucked, stride a bit more "keep on truckin") the bunion problem has also started to subside.

It takes very little time, minimal effort--but you do have to pay attention and do it right, for it to work. I can't promise it will do a thing for you, but it was a wonderful find for me. And it's carefully thought out to do no damage. So the worst that can happen is that you don't have a tight IT band, and it does nothing for you.

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