One woman's search for bunion cures

Is it really possible to get rid of your bunions
(without having surgery)?

To be honest, I'm not sure if you can get completely rid of them, but I do know from experience now that it's possible to reduce the size of your bunions a bit and to improve the condition of your feet.

I've had bunions for years, and at some point they really started to annoy me. They seemed to grow bigger and bigger, hurted when I had to walk a lot, and every year it became harder to find comfortable, yet fashionable shoes.

I could opt for surgery of course, to have my bunions removed. But bunion surgery is not what I wanted. I preferred trying non surgery bunion treatments first.

Before I started selecting treatments, I asked myself a couple of questions. Such as: Where did my bunions come from? What made them develop in the first place? Was it because of the shoes I used to wear in my twenties? Or is it because I'm genetically pre-disposed to developing bunions (as my mother and grandmother suffered from them too)?

Based on the knowledge I gained by totally immersing myself in the subject for some weeks, I decided to start my bunion experiment by:

In the course of the experiment, I added a couple of more things:

Please be aware that the previous list is not carved in stone. I'm sure there are a lot more therapies and products available. But there's no way I could try and test everything myself. That's why I hope you'll want to join in and tell about yourself, abouth the treatments you're trying and the products you find beneficial yourself.

By the way, the feet in the logo at the top are definitely not mine! Those are the kind of feet I'd like to have. So I put them there as an inspiration. The other pictures on this website, they are pictures of my own feet. No doubt you'll notice the difference!